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Song: Blinded By the Light

Princess Celestia awoke in her room, covered in a royal cold sweat. She looked around, wondering what had happened the previous night. Lets see, she thought. I remember going to Twilight's house, and attacking Discord, I... got, sad, for some reason, and then... Celestia couldn't remember what happened after she started crying. Somehow, I ended up back here in Canterlot. But how?

She shook her head as if to get rid of the thought, and got up and walked to the large vanity mirror. A very disgruntled alicorn stared back, rainbow mane messily flowing and deep amethyst eyes baggy.

Celestia laughed, her reflection showing her true age and experience. As she brushed her mane, something creeped into the room. Not a dark feeling, but a presence nonetheless.

Celestia quickly spun around and darted her eyes to every square inch of the room. "Hello?" she called out. "Show yourself!"

The presence stopped. It literally felt as though it was looking at her. And in the next instant, Princess Celestia dropped her hairbrush.

"I must warn Twilight!"

Speaking of Twilight, said unicorn was out in the market, buying food and a few new books. She was buying them for the library's extensive collection- but not without reading them herself, of course.

A large shadow loomed over her. A twisted shadow. A large lion's paw tapped her shoulder. Twilight spun around and screamed.

"Discord!" She shouted. "Where in Equestria did you find that?"

The Chaos Avatar was holding a large and rather old-looking tome. He smiled. "It was just over there, in the Large and Rather Old-Looking Tome Shop and Mane Cuttery."

Twilight squealed with joy. "It's just what I was looking for! That tome completes my collection of Starswirl's volumes on Magic ethers!" She hugged the mismatched creature. "Thanks for helping me out today, Dizzy."

Discord smiled again. "'Twas nothing, really, my dear." He let go of her embrace, and rubbed his hands together. "Now, let's find those bananas, and we'll be all set!"

Twilight laughed. She levitated a bunch of bananas out of a bag. "Already got 'em," she said. Discord gasped with delight. They giggled and talked the whole way home.

As Spike and Twilight set their groceries away, Discord began making some sandwiches. "I'm going to treat you both to a favourite of mine," he announced. "Of course, with a little something special for each of your tastes."

After the groceries were put away, they all sat down at the table for lunch. Discord stepped out of the small kitchen, somehow covered in dough and wearing a ridiculous chef's outfit.

He conjured a silver covered platter. "I present to vous," he said in a Fancy accent, "...le peanut butter and banana sandwiches! Bon Apetit!"

Twilight and Spike giggled. "Peanut butter and bananas? Now that's just silly," said Spike. Discord winked. "That's why I love them! Now, for the monsieur, I added in some delicious rubies and sapphires!"

He pushed the tray towards Twilight. "And for the madame, a nice daisy-breaded bun and hayseed!"

The trio chewed happily, exchanging stories and jokes that they all laughed heartily at. These were good times for sure. Nothing could've made it any better; nothing could've spoiled it.

Not even the knock on the library's door. Twilight, still chuckling a bit, answered it.

A strange looking pegasus was there. He had green fur, striped white like a zebra. His unkempt black mane ended in purple tinted tips. He wore large glasses over black eyes. The strange colt smiled shyly.

"Oh, hi, I'm Classic Rock. I have these flowers! For a Mister... 'Jean Luck Pickard?' Oh, wait, wrong package. Um, Princess Celestia sent me to give you this letter. She said it was urgent."

Classic Rock pulled an envelope from his satchel. Twilight sighed, then turned back to him. "So, are you on the Princess' royal mail service, besides the dragon method?"

The striped colt laughed a bit, then blushed. "Oh, no, in fact, I have no relation to Canterlot whatsoever. I just was picked because of some... I don't know, 'special connection' to somepony."

Twilight shrugged. "Well, believe me, special connections can have effects on ponies."

Discord walked up to the door. "Twilight, my dear, you best be getting to the table, Little Spike has been eyeballing your sandwi-"

He looked at the pegasus Twilight was chatting with. The pegasus looked back. Both seemed as though they'd be at each other's throats if Twilight wasn't between them.

Classic Rock tore his icy gaze away from the draconequus, and smiled sheepishly at Twilight Sparkle. "Well, it was a, um, pleasure meeting you, Miss..."

Twilight slowly closed the door, trying to be polite. "Sparkle. Twilight Sparkle. Nice to meet you, too, Classic Rock. But as you can see, I'm having a bit of a family affair right now, so bye~e!"

The door was slammed by Discord. He sighed in relief. "What were you thinking?! Thank Faust you didn't invite him in!"

Twilight sat down back at the table. "What? Is he some sort of Vampmare or something?" She joked. "Who was he?" Discord snorted. "Let's just say, we have history, and leave it at that..."

Outside, Classic Rock was actually relieved to have the door slammed on him. He couldn't believe what he had just seen! That's why Celestia randomly called him up! His 'special connections'... With Discord!

"That witch tricked me," He hissed. "She somehow knew! But how... and why me? The entity's brainwashed thousands of ponies, so why me?"

A bright flash of light broke his train of thought. There stood Princess Celestia, slightly bothered. "Did you get inside?" She asked abruptly.

"No," Classic Rock huffed. "But I saw him. He was there, practically all over that Twilight filly. What's with this, Princess? Why am I here? What's her deal?"

Celestia hushed him with a raised hoof. "Your experience with Discord can help me-us- in ways that can't be explained right now."

He still wasn't fully convinced. "Yeah, but for what reason?"

"Because Discord has brainwashed my student, Twilight Sparkle, the filly in that library."

Classic Rock laughed like mad. He slowly subsided, blushing a deep red as Celestia looked at him disapprovingly. "Sorry, Princess." he apologized. "But Twilight didn't look brainwashed. She was a healthy, normal purple color! You know, unless she's not supposed to be purple..."

Celestia facehoofed. She brought her horn down to the striped colt, blazing with magic. "Now, listen, I need you to warn her of Discord's trick, and find a way of snapping her out of it. Otherwise, I can undo the spell..."

Classic Rock gulped loudly, and smiled worriedly. "He he, n-no problem, Princess C-Celestia..."

She raised her head again, smiling satisfingly, and dissappeared. Classic Rock sighed and turned his head to the library, snarling.

"I'll get you yet, Discord. And there'll be no rift to hop into at the last second this time..."
Alright, guys! I'm back from my relatively short break!

This new colt I brought up is actually my pony self. I needed a pony to have a history with Discord, but I couldn't find any pony in the canon to fit. So, I used an OC. Sorry! ^^;

Another chapter with Celestia because I had fun doing the last one. A wild card, that Tia, eh?

The song is Blinded By the Light by Manfred Mann and the Earth Band.

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Cartuneslover16 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2012
Wow, Celestia's going crazy just trying to make Discord appear like the bad guy he ONCE was...must be the jealousy talking. :XD:

Oh, man, I hope Twilight and Discord will be okay. This dude that Celestia summoned sounds like REAL trouble. :fear:
clownbard Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Uhhhh, whats going on..
Is celestia like right about Discord brainwashing Twilight ( 'cuz if so I am mad at you mister )
Or is she like just CRAZY!
Foshi64 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Trust me, I know it looks confusing, but by the time this story is finished, it'll all make sense.

She could be right, or wrong. If she is right, then that leaves tons of questions, no?
If she is wrong, then that also leaves a few puzzles to be solved.

And please don't be mad if she is right...
clownbard Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh I won't really be mad, I just want a happy ending for Discord and Twilight, But im ok with anything you come up with! :)
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