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Song: Dare to be Stupid

Discord dragged his feet to his bed, carrying the sleeping body of Twilight Sparkle. He placed her in her bed, and fell upwards to his, floating on the cieling.

That was some party, the draconequus thought. He relived it through his subconcious, slowly falling to sleep.

Morning slashed through Twilight's window, hurting her closed eyes. She turned, and opened them to the world. She had a headache, on account of dancing with a stomach full of sugar and milk.

Discord, however, was up and at 'em, helping Spike cook. Or, at least, was trying to help.

Twilight walked to the table, a warm smile on her face. "Good morning, guys," she said. Spike waved, Discord smiled.

"I'm surprised your not feeling sick this morning, Dizzy," Twilight inferred. Discord laughed. "Oh, please, mon cheri, I've been through worse than some Pinkie Pie party-palooza. You get used to things like that when you're an entity of pure chaos," he explained.

"What I can't understand, though," he turned to Twilight. "Is how you are so fun and exciting at times..." She blushed a bit. "...and be so boring the rest of times!"

Twilight looked at him in shock. "Me? BORING?" she shouted. "I am not boring! I know I read books quite a bit, but I am not boring!"

Discord giggled. He snapped his fingers, and his black mane turned into a purple, neatly-trimmed one, with a lavender and pink stripe.

"Dear Princess Celestia," he said, sounding exactly like Twilight, "today I learned about the magic of not being a bookish know-it-all. It was all because of that dreamy, handsome draconequus!" Twilight blushed redder than Big Macintosh.

"Well, look who's talking, Mr. 'Can't Keep His Twisted Eyes off of Me'!" she accused.

Discord only giggled. "Face it, Twilight," he said in his normal voice. "You couldn't be chaotically fun if you tried!"

Twilight frowned. "And you couldn't be organized if you tried!"

Discord's face turned into an mischiefous smile. "Is that a challenge, my dear?" he asked. Twilight hesitated, then nodded strongly. "Hmhmhm... then it shall be a challenge. Fine. If I win, you need to wear..." a pair of ridiculous sunglasses appeared. "... These!"

Twilight rolled her eyes. "And if I win?" she asked. Discord thought for a moment. "If you win... I'll... let you... lecture me on the magic of Friendship." he said, gagging a bit.

Twilight thrusted her hoof forward. "Deal." Discord did the same, and as they shook, fire flew from his fingers. Twilight jumped back. "Hahaha, be careful, my dear. You just made a deal with the Devil."

He snapped his fingers. Instantly, everything around Twilight felt different. She felt taller, and slightly mixed up. She put a hoof to her head, and as she feared: TWO horns. Mismatched. And that wasn't a hoof. It was an eagle's talon.

Twilight grabbed the nearest mirror and peered into it. A monstrous pony stred back. It was still Twilight, but with some of the Avatar of Chaos' features. She looked over at said draconequus, who was in the same predicament. "Well, well, well. I'm back in pony's body. Ugh," he said.

Discord turned to Twilight. "Okay, so we will now live one day in each other's hooves. We'll see who chickens out first!"

Suddenly, Scootaloo popped her head into the library. "Did I hear somepony call me- OH SWEET CELESTIA!" She screamed in shock at the sight of the two mixed up ponies.

After the screaming, Twilight spoke up. "Okay, then, Good luck, Discolight!" Discord saluted. "You too, Twiscord!"

And so, the day dragged on. Twilight, or rather, Twiscord, was having fun messing with the draconequus' magic for science. She tried figuring out where such powerful magic was coming from, taking notes for each spell and trick.

Discord, or Discolight, was prancing around, helping anypony in sight and pretending to write a report to Princess Celestia. He chuckled to himself at how ridiculous he was making the bookish unicorn be.

They both continued this hilarious act of teasing each other, all until midday. Twiscord was racking her brain with something chaotic to do, that would still make sense. Discolight was bored out of his mind, being a model for Rarity like last time.

By sundown, the two were tired, crazed, and sorry they even put up this bet. They met back at the library. Twiscord and Discolight spoke at the same time. "I have something to say. No you first. Okay, fine! You win. What?" Twiscord blinked. "Discord, I said, you win. I can't do any type of chaos."

Discolight smirked, but then fell to the ground. "I am a pony of my word, dear Twilight. You win. I couldn't be organized for long."

The two shared laughs about their day, and Discord changed them back to normal.

"So," he said, sighing. "what to do now?" Twilight smirked. "I believe at this time, we eat dinner, then go to sleep, Dizzy," she stated matter-of-factly.

Spike cooked them a wonderful dinner, and Discord put on a concert of some crazy music he called 'polka'. It was odd, the main instrument being a mishmash thing called an 'accordian', or as Discord called it, a 'Disccordian'.

Twilight laughed as he sang about anything that came to mind. He then stopped playing energetically, and played a slow, calm, and sad tune.

It pulled at Twilight's heart, feeling the ups and downs in the song, how happy it sounds, but with such a sad message.

The song over, Discord let out a breath, and looked at Twilight. Her eyes were glinting, with a faint smile on her face. Discord smiled back.

A few hours later, they went to their beds, tired from laughing earlier. Twilight fell asleep immediately, her soft snoring making Discord chuckle. "Goodnight, mon cheri," he said quietly.

"I... I... sigh...I love you too."
That tired me out, writing that chapter. Anyway, a little cartoon cliche, two characters switching lives. It seemed funny at the moment.

The song Discord sings that is sad and happy at the same time can be any song you want that fits. Post in the comments!

And that last line is supposed to be him answering her last line back in Deja Discord, Part 10. Yep, he heard her! ^^

Thanks for reading guys,
Cartuneslover16 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2012
I REALLY loved this chapter, and I laughed when Twilight and Discord traded bodies...really got that Discolight feeling going on here. :XD:

Chaos and order...perfect match.

Oh, holy cow, he HEARD her? Hmm...I wonder if she heard HIM...

Awesome work! ;)
clownbard Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That was awesome!
Can't wait for more! :)
Jackie-Chaos-Bunny Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

He heard her! :squee:

And I love the whole "Freaky Friday" concept to this chapter! :XD:

And I think Discord would be surprised to learn just how chaotic Twilight can be. "Lesson Zero" proved that! :iconpsychotwilightplz:
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